Thursday, June 30, 2011

Years ago I worked as a Human Factors Engineer for AT&T.  The great thing about AT&T was that they had the best training and Human Factors Instructor in the country, Dr Robert Bailey, Dr. Bob to all who knew and loved him.  I LOVED THAT MAN!  He made learning fun!  One of the fun exercises we did was for the whole class to "Blue Sky" ways to use a, then glass, soda bottle.  No rules.  We came up with over 100 ways!

Yesterday I had an idea I was looking at my empty Dr. Pepper bottle thinking about how I could use it and I decided to let you in on the fun.  I would like your help in "Blue Skying" ways to use ALL PARTS of a plastic drink bottle.  You can either comment your idea, or, if you have seen it or blogged it, please, add to the Link Tool Below.

Will you help me?